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Indian Creek Country Club Mission Statement

“Indian Creek Country Club is a family-oriented social and recreational club, whose purpose is to create a sense of community among its members, in a relaxed environment, while providing quality services and facilities.”


Membership Classifications


Full Family

Entitles full use of all club facilities for a couple and all unmarried children living at home under the age of 24 and are full time students.

Full Junior Family

Entitles full use of all club facilities for a couple and all unmarried children living at home under the age of 24 and are full time students. The oldest spouse must be 35 years old or younger.

Full Senior Family

Entitles full use of all club facilities for a couple. The oldest spouse must be at least 60 years of age to qualify for this membership.


Entitles full use of all club facilities for an individual. This type of membership does not include the use of the club facilities for any spouses or children.

Junior Single

Entitles full use of all club facilities for an individual 35 years old or younger. This type of membership does not include the use of the club facilities for any spouses or children.

Senior Restricted

Entitles full use of all club facilities Monday through Friday only for an individual who is at least 60 years of age.


Includes full use of the club’s dining room and bar facilities as well as the swimming pool, for the couple and all children under the age of 24 and are full time students.


Available only when the member’s primary residence is outside of Linn County. Entitles the member to full use of the club’s facilities.



Policies And Procedures


The following rules have been designed to provide a maximum level of enjoyment for all members and their guests. They have been formulated by Management and approved by the elected Board Members. Please ensure that family members and guests understand these rules.

General Rules

  1.  Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate, courteous, and respectful manner.
  2. Members are financially responsible for their charges as well as their guests’ charges and any damage to club property.
  3. Club property will not be removed from the premises.
  4. All food and beverages must be purchased from the club. It is illegal to bring any alcoholic beverages on club property as required by Iowa State Law.
  5. Violations of club rules will be reported to the General Manager and appropriate actions will be taken.

Golf Rules

All members and guests are expected to follow the golf course rules listed below. Each member is requested to observe the rules and to call them to the attention of others in the event they are not followed. Infraction of any rule should be reported to the manager on duty.

  1. Must comply with the “Weekly Play and Restrictions Schedule”
  2.  All golfers must register with the pro shop staff before starting the round. This is especially important with new
    members so our staff can get to know you.
  3. All golfers must tee off on hole #1, unless given permission by the pro shop staff.
  4. Must notify pro shop when renting a cart.
  5. Age requirements for cart use:
    • 18 years old to rent golf cart
    • 16 years old to drive golf cart with parent supervision or with family car club purchase
    • 15 years old and younger are not allowed to drive golf cart regardless of supervision
  6. Juniors must be at least 12 years old to play without an adult. Juniors must also abide by weekend and holiday junior restrictions.
  7. Appropriate golf attire is required on the golf course and practice green. Men, 16 years and older, must wear
    collared shirts or other acceptable golf shirts. T-shirts, tank tops and jerseys are not allowed. Women and children must wear appropriate golf attire. No cut off jeans allowed. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times on the golf course.
  8. Groups of five players or more generally will not be allowed. Current exceptions:
    • Private outings
    • Club sponsored tournaments or events
    • Friday night couples golf, May through August (maximum of 5 couples)
  9. Green fees must be paid for any non-member or social member of Indian Creek Country Club and are limited to 4 rounds of golf per year. This includes spouse and children of single memberships. Guest days and open tournaments do not count toward the 4 round limit. All guests must sign-in and register in the pro shop.
  10. Holes #1 and #10 will alternate using the following rotation:
    • Group teeing off #1 are first in line
    • Group coming off #9, starting #10 are second in line
    • Alternating continues until #1 tee opens
  11. Golf course etiquette is to be used at all times. This includes:
    • Repairing ball marks, replacing divots, and raking sand traps
    • Keep carts at least 30 feet away from greens and follow any on course signs
    • Keeping pace of play and allowing faster groups to play through
    • Pace of play: 1 hour 50 minutes for 9 holes, 3 hours 40 minutes for 18 holes
  12. Other information:
    • White tees are used for the front nine and red tees used for the back nine.
    • The light switch on hole #9 is used to notify when the green is in use.
    • Official ladies tee box is on hole #7 and unofficial tee box is available on hole #5.
    • U.S.G.A. rules will govern all play. Local revisions will supersede all rules.

General Pool Rules

Open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend

Weekends and Holidays
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Weekdays (summer break)
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  1. Only members and their invited guests are authorized to use the pool facilities.
  2. There will be no lifeguard on duty.
  3. All members and guests must sign in at the gate when entering the pool area.
  4. All pool members and guests must register in the pro shop and guest must pay a $5.00 guest fee*** upon arrival.
  5. Pool Attendants have full and complete authority over the use of the swimming pool.
  6. Behavior that is hazardous is prohibited and the lifeguards will handle any disciplinary action needed.
  7. All children must be of at least 12 years of age to be left unsupervised at the pool.
  8. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.
  9. Members will be held accountable for the conduct of their children and their guests.
  10. All posted pool rules will be strictly enforced.
  11. Any conduct that spoils the enjoyment of others will not be allowed.
  12. An adult must supervise children using the wading pool. Older children are not allowed in wading pool area.
  13. Radios are not allowed without headphones.
  14. The pool will not open if the outside temperature is less than 70 degrees.
  15. Those in swimming attire are limited to the pool area only. They must stay off the golf course and practice green.
  16. Must wear a shirt and shoes when entering clubhouse.
  17. Food and beverages are available in the Creeke Bed anytime.
  18. Bicycles must be left on the bike rack and are not to be used in the parking lot.
  19. The poolhouse restrooms will remain closed for the season, but the locker rooms inside the clubhouse will be available for use for all pool guests.
  20. The pool may close early due to lack of use.

Account Credit Policy

Indian Creek Country Club members have the opportunity to take advantage of our credit policy.

  1.  Credit shall be extended only to those members in good standing.
  2. The amount billed is due in 30 days and becomes delinquent thereafter with a 1.5% monthly finance charge applied to the unpaid balance. A minimum finance charge of $1.00 is applied.
  3. Any account 60 days in arrears shall have their charge privileges suspended and must have a credit card on file.
  4. Pro Shop credit cannot be applied toward member’s account, and must be used for pro shop merchandise.
  5. All food and beverage account charges, in the Creeke Bed or upstairs, are subject to a 15% gratuity.

Dining Room / Banquet Facility

  1. The dining room is available for club functions and events. This room is also available for private use by members and the public. A room rental fee is required. Members receive a rental discount.
  2. The club handles all food and bar arrangements.
  3. Dining facilities are open to the public.
  4. All tickets are subject to a 15% gratuity.

Creeke Bed

  1. The Creeke Bed is open daily during the golf season.
  2. Members are financially responsible for their own and their guests’ charges and damages.
  3. All returnable items are the property of the club.
  4. The Creeke Bed is not a game or card room for children.

Alcohol Policy

In accordance with Iowa State Law, Indian Creek Country Club will not allow any persons less than 21 years of age to be served alcoholic beverages. Valid identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age will be requested. The club’s policy is not to serve anyone who has been determined to be intoxicated. Alcohol may not be brought onto the club premises. Doing so will result in immediate ejection from the property and possible further action will be taken if necessary.

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